How a Panda book is made



Panda Edizioni wants to offer its authors and readers always the best. This is guaranteed thanks to the detailed care of all the phases that lead to the creation and diffusion of a book; therefore we want to highlight some fundamental steps that lead our publishing house to have a high quality standard.


Evaluation of the manuscript. The scrupulous reading of the book sent by the author is crucial for defining its validity, commercial possibilities and consequently publication.


Planning. In this very important phase we decide the editorial aspect that best suits the book, enhancing its contents.


Revision and layout. Here begins the first phase of production: the revision (arrangement and improvement of the text), the layout of text and images according to the characteristics of the publishing project.


First draft, and subsequent ones, correction. One of Panda Edizioni’s top abilities is to offer its authors the correction of the first draft of the book thanks to the collaboration with highly qualified specialists who, after highlighting the necessary revisions, propose to the author the most suitable modifications to optimize the form and the grammatical part. The second draft is then corrected for a subsequent verification.


Obligations of the law. Our publishing house assigns an ISBN to each volume and sends the mandatory copies to the reference libraries. All this in compliance with current regulations. Details.


Services and distribution. The most innovative and advantageous form of distribution for a book is certainly its inclusion in the most followed Internet sites for online sales, which does not exclude national distribution in bookshops. However, almost all the books published by Panda Edizioni have been proposed both in paper and electronic format since 2013.