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Sapori e leggende della cucina veneta

(Flavors and legends of Venetian cuisine)

by Giacomo Massarotto


What legend could ever hide the famous "radicchio" of Treviso? And the "radicchio varigato" of Castelfranco? What can the cherries of Marostica tell us, and what about the "giuggiola" of Arquà?

Giacomo Massarotto, with his masterly narrative ability, leads us to discover the different typical products of a wonderful region through the legends born thanks to his imagination, letting us know new, unbelievable magical aspects of the food that the Veneto region produces. Each legend is illustrated by the pen of Claudio Fabris, and is connected to many recipes that will allow us to taste typical products... not just on paper.

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La cucina del delitto

(Kitchen of crimes)

by Floreana Nativo


The book has the structure of a reality show that proposes a competition organized by RAI for young emerging writers, who will have to present stories in which food is the protagonist. The winning tales will be the center of the menus that the chef of a famous restaurant will present inspired by the three stories chosen in turn by the jury. Everything seems simple, until the game of rivalry between great chefs is engaged, fueled by the search for visibility and notoriety and the dispute behind the scenes of this great gastronomic show, with loves, old rancor and hatred. Someone is conspiring in the shadows because revenge is a dish best served cold, and often television fiction fades into the reality of life. Food and death are the common thread between the various stories. Food is a delight for the palate, but it can also become an instrument for crime. A careful preparation brings the great cook together with the criminal, so following the unfolding of an entire menu we will meet very special stories and dishes. Food is seen from different angles: excess, privation, enjoyment and ... turning from hunter to prey. At the end of the book there are the fifteen recipes made by the six chefs. Enjoy your meal!

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Birra - Il manuale definitivo dedicato alle persone normali

(Beer - The definitive manual for very normal people)

by Alessandro Coppo


Beer: your favorite beverage, otherwise you would not have picked up this book. Would you like to learn the differences between a Weizen and a Bock? Have you always wondered what the hell is a "double malt"? These IPAs are so fashionable ... but what does the acronym "IPA" mean? I know, dear pint friend: you tried to retrieve information on the web and you drowned in the ocean of information that the wise teachers of the hop have poured on you. That's why I wrote this manual: here you will find the essentials, everything that can be useful to know about beloved blondes (or amber, red, black, etc.) without going crazy with chemical experts of the bubble technicalities. A little history, the ingredients, the processing and above all a pleasant description of the main styles of beer with relative differences, some gastronomic combinations and many personal considerations, the result of years of work behind the bar counters. Look: I am not a professor of malted barley but a barman, so that’s the way I speak and write: simple, clear and behind a counter. To you, a normal person eager to drink the joyful plug of knowledge without fear of being rejected, I have dedicated this manual.

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I miei Tramezzini - e i segreti della nostra cucina

(My sandwiches and the secrets of our cuisine)

by Alessandro Coppo


How do you create a worthy sandwich? What are the secrets and hidden pitfalls behind the preparation of one of the most popular snacks in the Veneto region? These, and many other questions, are answered by the chefs of the Bistrò San Giustino, the historic local of Castelfranco Veneto (TV), famous in the region and cited by magazines and websites thanks to the quality of the sandwiches defined on several occasions "the best of the Province and probably from the Region".

This is a book written by those who tie an apron and enter the kitchen every day, and it is dedicated to customers who have repeatedly chosen and enjoyed the result of commitment & passion, and those who have always wondered if maybe, with a little 'good will, at home… ATTENTION: included, by popular demand, the "Tiramisù Post Tramezzino" bonus chapter. If customers have requested it loudly there will be a reason.

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L'altra Europa - Miti, congiure ed enigmi all'ombra dell'unificazione europea

(The other Europe - Myths, conspiracies and enigmas behind Eurpean unification)

by Paolo Rumor, Loris Bagnara e Giorgio Galli


This book originates from a telephone call, a personal meeting and a manuscript. The phone call is between Paolo Rumor, descendant of the homonymous family protagonist of many events of the "Democrazia Crisitana", and Giorgio Galli, the greatest Italian expert about the relationship between esotericism and politics. The subject of the telephone call, and the subsequent meeting between the two, is a disconcerting manuscript, that concerns a large part of the "Confidential Memories" of Giacomo Rumor, father of Paolo and leading exponent of post-war DC. The memorial core is the collaboration between Rumor senior (future Pope Paul VI Monsignor Montini's trustee) and Maurice Schumann, an important French strategist at the time of the Treaty of Rome (1957), that was the first concrete step towards the European Union. From the folds of this synergy emerges confusing to say the least disturbing: behind the diplomatic work that leads to the Treaty seem to hide some hidden commands, with their idea of a united Europe, with sensitive interference, not only of CIA and the Vatican, but also mysterious, ancient esoteric circles ... All in a new enriched and expanded edition.

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Manuale di scrittura creativa - Con esempi, esercizi, approfondimenti

(Creative writing manual - With examples, exercises, insights)

by Vania Russo


Writing is passion, art, fantasy. But it can also be a profession, and the professional editor Vania Russo knows the path that can lead every writer to become expert in writing. The professional perspective is different from that of impulse and it considers every element of a book in a functional way, with the aim of improving the text and making it more usable, more enjoyable, ultimately more beautiful. Optimizing the process that underlies writing is not simple, but the author, using her experience and thanks to the courses that she has attended, makes her skills available to the readers to help them on focus the important points, and process them in the better way. In addition to the analysis and development of narrative theory, this book is enriched by the real experiences in the classroom and by the individual exercises proposed, as well as some in-depth analysis by a publisher, Andrea Tralli, which constitute a "deep eye" in the world of publishing houses. An important and rich book that can help every writer, from the beginner to the professional.

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I love Venice

by Bernardo Sardano


This book is the story of a dream: Venice. A city that can always be defined as magic and dreamer. But not only in romantic and sweet terms. With this collection of photos Bernardo Sardano also makes us discover the side of melancholy, solitary, sometimes hard, but always beautiful dreams of this splendid pearl of the Laguna Veneta. In this case, the photographer's eye wanted to embody in his reflex the fundamental components of the dream: the Canali, the Calli and the Campielli, the thousand Ponti, and finally the strongest and most famous symbols: Rialto and San Marco.

Enjoy the dream.

A dream that translates into charity: the copyright of the photos will be donated to the Città della Speranza Foundation.

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Investigative  - Thriller

Omicidio in Sestiere Castello - Un'indagine introspettiva

(Murder in Sestiere Castello - An introspective investigation)

by Andrea Tralli


A restless Venice, mysterious, dark and without prospects. This is the city that awaits Stefano De Conti, a police inspector with a stormy past, with an upset heart and a broken life. An inspector transferred against his will in a city that besieges him with the memories of his family, and accompanied only by the melancholy of what he was and by his butler Bruno. The police station greets him with coldness and diffidence, his immersion in the city and in the mainland strangles him as a body found dead in the Sestiere Castello has been strangled. The extravagances of life on the water, the challenges of an investigation, the chasm of the heart lead the reader into a suspended noir bath, a hard boiled set in the most beautiful city in the world.

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La pace inquiesta - Fantasmi della Guerra sulla riva del lago di Lecco

(Peace restless - The ghosts of the Great War on the shore of the lake of Lecco)

by Simone Cozzi


Mandello, Lake of Lecco, 1924.

The Great War is over, but the armistice is not for everyone. Among the narrow streets full of fog on the shores of the lake of Lecco, made dark by the fall of autumn and the deep scars left by the war in the body and in the spirit of many, wanderers, fugitives and men in search of revenge are hovering and hiding, ready to set off the ambush to hide old stories that it would be better to forget.

Then, in a few days, the discovery of two bodies shakes the calm of the countr. The police commissioner Ripamonti begins to investigate, convinced that the worst must come, but confident that there is still a phosphorescence that can ward off the darkness.

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Polvere & Ombra - Treviso si tinge di noir

(Powder & Shadow - Treviso is colored with noir)

by Gianluca Ascione


Handcuffed to his bed, disguised as a woman and with a scarf tight around his neck, this is the way in which the lifeless body of a respected university professor who lives near the ancient walls surrounding the historic center of Treviso is found by his apartment neighbor. The only witness is a parrot with colorful feathers and an annoying beak. Inspector Rita Giannetti, a tenacious policewoman and a frail woman, investigates together with the private investigator Emidio Galasso, a former clumsy colleague and a play boy who has been dismissed for being "hostile to hierarchies". They will discover that appearances often deceive, and that an unexpected truth can be brought to light by digging beneath the surface. An hard and burning truth told with scathing and sometimes irreverent irony.

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Rapsodia in rosso - Delitti nella Marca Trevigiana

(Rhapsody in red - Crimes in the Marca Trevigiana)

by Gianluca Ascione


Summer 2015. While the city of Treviso drowns in the fiercest heat of the last one hundred and fifty years, the dead body of a prostitute is found along the edge of a small river, located in the nearby outskirts of the historic center. It seems the usual predestined victim of a criminal regulation, instead reveals the first of a series of crimes apparently without a common purpose. t is the new case entrusted to the inspector Rita Giannetti, a capable and determined policewoman but also a woman looking for an emotional balance. Involved in the story, in a casual and unconscious way, there is hes colleague Emidio Galasso, a clumsy investigator but with a big heart, who will meet a stranger woman with an unknown identity. An event in which the facts ripple like waves in continuous float, narrated with the usual bittersweet authenticity and a little bit of cunning humor.

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Sì, no, Miami

(Yes, no, Miami - My story from high heels to brain stroke and return)

by Lisa Festa


Yes, no, Miami is the story of a tragic fall and a triumphant recovery told with exceptional irony and spontaneity. A proof of cheeky optimism, of the joy of living irrepressible, an injection of courage and positivity for all those who are facing a difficult situation. But also, which does not hurt, a fresh, original, fun book.

[From the preface by Daria Bignardi.]

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Istruzioni per diventare ansiosi e depressi

(Instructions to become anxious and depressed)

by Damiano Pellizzari


The title of this book could be misunderstood and it could suggest that it is for the exclusive use of those who suffering from anxiety and/or depression. But who sometimes does not feel stressed, downset or afflicted by persistent worries? The mechanisms of these states of mind are the same, but in a lighter form than clinical manifestations; in this essay the author highlights them to flush them out and disassemble them piece by piece. Damiano Pellizzari uses an immediate language, often ironic, full of metaphors and quotes. And because he believes that so many times "practice is better than grammar" proposes also exercises to experiment. So he analyzes the most frequent problems encountered during his professional activity with an unconventional outlook, based on the idea that changing the way of thinking helps to change the way we act. This book is designed to be useful to everyone: those who suffering because of anxiety and/or depression will find effective solutions, those who want to prevent moments of deep discouragement will know the moves to play in advance and those who thirst for knowledge in a perspective of personal growth will benefit and certainly smile.

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Nella borsa della spesa

(In the shopping bag)

What's in the mummy's shopping bag? There are many good things, but the baby wants his milk... But it isn’t there! Where will it be finished? Let’s call the little dog Buba, who can go to get it! A short, tender and light story, written by Mauro Elasdi and illustrated by Anna Berton.


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Matilda e il gigante con la valigia

(Matilda and the giant with a suitcase)

by Serena Martella


"… the moment was right. An ancient mysterious forest hides to the world the creatures that live there and it is about to open the way for a new special inhabitant who... "

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