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Sapori e leggende della cucina veneta

(Flavors and legends of Venetian cuisine)

by Giacomo Massarotto


What legend could ever hide the famous "radicchio" of Treviso? And the "radicchio varigato" of Castelfranco? What can the cherries of Marostica tell us, and what about the "giuggiola" of Arquà?

Giacomo Massarotto, with his masterly narrative ability, leads us to discover the different typical products of a wonderful region through the legends born thanks to his imagination, letting us know new, unbelievable magical aspects of the food that the Veneto region produces. Each legend is illustrated by the pen of Claudio Fabris, and is connected to many recipes that will allow us to taste typical products... not just on paper.

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Birra - Il manuale definitivo dedicato alle persone normali

(Beer - The definitive manual for very normal people)

by Alessandro Coppo


Beer: your favorite beverage, otherwise you would not have picked up this book. Would you like to learn the differences between a Weizen and a Bock? Have you always wondered what the hell is a "double malt"? These IPAs are so fashionable ... but what does the acronym "IPA" mean? I know, dear pint friend: you tried to retrieve information on the web and you drowned in the ocean of information that the wise teachers of the hop have poured on you. That's why I wrote this manual: here you will find the essentials, everything that can be useful to know about beloved blondes (or amber, red, black, etc.) without going crazy with chemical experts of the bubble technicalities. A little history, the ingredients, the processing and above all a pleasant description of the main styles of beer with relative differences, some gastronomic combinations and many personal considerations, the result of years of work behind the bar counters. Look: I am not a professor of malted barley but a barman, so that’s the way I speak and write: simple, clear and behind a counter. To you, a normal person eager to drink the joyful plug of knowledge without fear of being rejected, I have dedicated this manual.

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I miei Tramezzini - e i segreti della nostra cucina

(My sandwiches and the secrets of our cuisine)

by Alessandro Coppo


How do you create a worthy sandwich? What are the secrets and hidden pitfalls behind the preparation of one of the most popular snacks in the Veneto region? These, and many other questions, are answered by the chefs of the Bistrò San Giustino, the historic local of Castelfranco Veneto (TV), famous in the region and cited by magazines and websites thanks to the quality of the sandwiches defined on several occasions "the best of the Province and probably from the Region".

This is a book written by those who tie an apron and enter the kitchen every day, and it is dedicated to customers who have repeatedly chosen and enjoyed the result of commitment & passion, and those who have always wondered if maybe, with a little 'good will, at home… ATTENTION: included, by popular demand, the "Tiramisù Post Tramezzino" bonus chapter. If customers have requested it loudly there will be a reason.

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Tarocchi in cucina

(Tarot in the kitchen)

by Floreana Nativo


Food and Tarot. A strange combination but, as you can perceive reading the pages of this book, not an impossible one. Because Tarot is not only about cards, but about the projection of events that we live, even unconsciously. Like food. It's all about stories. Stories that are linked to the personalities of the pictures of the major arcana that mix to our lives. They can pass us by, they can touch us with their fates and we will never know if the grimace of the mask is our picture in the mirror. Every picture of the arcana has its own personality that will also be linked to food. So, in the death card, for example, we have broad beans as main ingredient, traditionally the food of dead. In the pope card we'll obviously have fish, from the greek word ICTYS, Christ's symbol and initials. The book structure presents separately the pictures of the twenty-two major arcana with their esoteric meaning, the narrations which describe the characters and the recipes used in the tales. So we will have an usual tarot book as well as a recipe book. We hope that you will appreciate this unusual mix. Enjoy!

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L'altra Europa - Miti, congiure ed enigmi all'ombra dell'unificazione europea

(The other Europe - Myths, conspiracies and enigmas behind Eurpean unification)

by Paolo Rumor, Loris Bagnara e Giorgio Galli


This book originates from a telephone call, a personal meeting and a manuscript. The phone call is between Paolo Rumor, descendant of the homonymous family protagonist of many events of the "Democrazia Crisitana", and Giorgio Galli, the greatest Italian expert about the relationship between esotericism and politics. The subject of the telephone call, and the subsequent meeting between the two, is a disconcerting manuscript, that concerns a large part of the "Confidential Memories" of Giacomo Rumor, father of Paolo and leading exponent of post-war DC. The memorial core is the collaboration between Rumor senior (future Pope Paul VI Monsignor Montini's trustee) and Maurice Schumann, an important French strategist at the time of the Treaty of Rome (1957), that was the first concrete step towards the European Union. From the folds of this synergy emerges confusing to say the least disturbing: behind the diplomatic work that leads to the Treaty seem to hide some hidden commands, with their idea of a united Europe, with sensitive interference, not only of CIA and the Vatican, but also mysterious, ancient esoteric circles ... All in a new enriched and expanded edition.

Paperbook at 18,90€

Manuale di scrittura creativa - Con esempi, esercizi, approfondimenti

(Creative writing manual - With examples, exercises, insights)

by Vania Russo


Writing is passion, art, fantasy. But it can also be a profession, and the professional editor Vania Russo knows the path that can lead every writer to become expert in writing. The professional perspective is different from that of impulse and it considers every element of a book in a functional way, with the aim of improving the text and making it more usable, more enjoyable, ultimately more beautiful. Optimizing the process that underlies writing is not simple, but the author, using her experience and thanks to the courses that she has attended, makes her skills available to the readers to help them on focus the important points, and process them in the better way. In addition to the analysis and development of narrative theory, this book is enriched by the real experiences in the classroom and by the individual exercises proposed, as well as some in-depth analysis by a publisher, Andrea Tralli, which constitute a "deep eye" in the world of publishing houses. An important and rich book that can help every writer, from the beginner to the professional.

Paperbook at 15€

Investigative  - Thriller

Il Codice dell'Inquisitore - La trilogia dell'Inquisitore – Vol. 1

(The Inquisitor's Code - The Inquisitor's trilogy - Vol. 1)

by Vania Russo


At the very peak of his career, and just a step away from reaching an international fame, the young dentist Ermes Ruggeri accepts to move from an emblazoned Medical Centre in Milan to the isolated and legendary Valle dello Stizzon, on the slopes of Monte Grappa. There, he founds out some strange pathological incidences and the presence of deaths which cannot be clearly explained, including that of the previous dentist. In an increasing vortex of intensifying relationships, which destroy the barriers of Ermes's coldness and inability to relate, also thanks to the overwhelming meeting with a patient, Emma, the medical scientific investigation will lead him to an unexpected and crucial confrontation: the one with the Inquisitor's Code, a medical treatise dating from 1600 written by Lazzaro, a Jewish doctor who lived on the slopes of Monte Grappa and was protected by one of the most influent inquisitors of the Serenissima Republic: Ruggero Valenti. Ermes will have to fight against his rationality – and his yearning of success – in order to enter a mystery born in the very heart of the seventeenth-century Venice, among political conspiracies, esotericism and high pharmaceutical finance.

Paperbook at 19€

I Neracroce - La trilogia dell'Inquisitore – Vol. 2

(The Neracroces - The Inquisitor's trilogy - Vol. 2)

by Vania Russo


Driven by the only aim in life of opposing the HiT, Ermes Ruggeri is in Africa, where he discovers with horror that the pharmaceutical Holding exploits the “medical tourism” to its advantage, using the Third-World humankind for cruel illegal trafficking in the West. In Africa he meets Conrad Oruley, the creepy and ambiguous chief of the Illuminati, and he understands that the secrets of the Fraternity have been buried in the silence for many centuries. In the meantime, in Venice, four hundred years before, Marco Valenti is called to defend the honour of his brother, the inquisitor Ruggero, and of his family, but he is a victim of the Fraternity which manipulates him in order to obtain what it has been looking for for a long time: the Inquisitor's Code, with all its secrets. Seduced by an enigmatic woman, and involved in the struggle for power between the Serenissima Republic and the papacy despite himself, Marco will have to save the manuscripts, with the help of an unexpected ally: a foreign knight.

Paperbook at 20€

La chiave di Auberon - La trilogia dell'Inquisitore – Vol. 3

(The Auberon key - The Inquisitor's trilogy - Vol. 3)

by Vania Russo


Despite himself, Matteo, now talented investigative journalist, is in the centre of the esoteric financial conspiracies that have already swallowed Ermes in Africa, and he is forced to take the field with Milena: he only knows her voice and virtual words, but she attracts him to a charming and involving Venice in search of the only person that can help the Neracroces: Icarus. In the meanwhile, Christian Ruggeri, mixed up in mysterious plots of international espionage, investigates in order to decrypt, and to obstruct, Oruley's plans. In fact, Oruley is about to get pretty close to the most terrible goal the HiT has never realised: Auberon, a project born back in 1933, when Lidia Furlan, ambitious and unscrupulous researcher, works unwittingly for the Fraternity of the Illuminati, grafted in nazi experimentations. Her overwhelming passion for the rich Davide Ruggeri, charming spy of the Valenti bloodline, will lead her to a change of perspective that will bring her among the schemes of a darker Berlin, because of the harbinger of a new devastating war, looking for the lost texts of the Inquisitor's Code.

Paperbook at 21€

Fatti uccidere – Quando la vendetta nutre la follia

(Let me kill you - When revenge feeds madness)

by Gianluca Ascione


In an abandoned field in the immediate outskirts of Treviso, the body of a woman, locked up in a bag, is found. The body is completely bare and the only verifiable elements are the extreme thinness, Asian facial features and a tattoo of a whale. The same image is tattooed on Angelica's body, a psychologically vulnerable teenager, who looks for the solution to her pain of living in the virtual contact with a stranger. The “woman in the bag” case, as it was re-baptised by the press, is assigned to Rita Giannetti, a police inspector. Even if in an informal way, she is helped by her ex-colleague and private detective Emidio Galasso, for whom she has contrasting feelings that disorient her emotional stability. An ambiguous and tortuous investigation that will lead the young policewoman to dig among the folds of human soul, until the unsuspected and upsetting conclusion.

Paperbook at 20€

Omicidio in Sestiere Castello - Un'indagine introspettiva

(Murder in Sestiere Castello - An introspective investigation)

by Andrea Tralli


A restless Venice, mysterious, dark and without prospects. This is the city that awaits Stefano De Conti, a police inspector with a stormy past, with an upset heart and a broken life. An inspector transferred against his will in a city that besieges him with the memories of his family, and accompanied only by the melancholy of what he was and by his butler Bruno. The police station greets him with coldness and diffidence, his immersion in the city and in the mainland strangles him as a body found dead in the Sestiere Castello has been strangled. The extravagances of life on the water, the challenges of an investigation, the chasm of the heart lead the reader into a suspended noir bath, a hard boiled set in the most beautiful city in the world.

Paperbook at 13,50€

La pace inquiesta - Fantasmi della Guerra sulla riva del lago di Lecco

(Peace restless - The ghosts of the Great War on the shore of the lake of Lecco)

by Simone Cozzi


Mandello, Lake of Lecco, 1924.

The Great War is over, but the armistice is not for everyone. Among the narrow streets full of fog on the shores of the lake of Lecco, made dark by the fall of autumn and the deep scars left by the war in the body and in the spirit of many, wanderers, fugitives and men in search of revenge are hovering and hiding, ready to set off the ambush to hide old stories that it would be better to forget.

Then, in a few days, the discovery of two bodies shakes the calm of the countr. The police commissioner Ripamonti begins to investigate, convinced that the worst must come, but confident that there is still a phosphorescence that can ward off the darkness.

Paperbook at 11,90€


Gesù meglio di Freud

(Jesus is better than Freud)

by Damiano Pellizzari


What Jesus has to deal with Freud? And why the former would be better than the latter? Authors explain that in their respective fields of competence: spirituality and psychology. Romeo Sinigaglia, current priest of the Santa Rita da Cascia parish in Padua, takes a cue from small daily actions and from homemade food, but not only, in order to comment Jesus's human experience in a new and effective way. He made it attractive, alive and vibrant in an evocative style which goes straight to the heart. Damiano Pellizzari, psychologist and psychotherapist, collected some of these texts, giving them a shape and a structure, in two different thematic groups: the former is dedicated to food whereas the latter focuses on strong and apparently contrasting themes, also exploiting his experience as a writer. The two agree on the fact that psychology can be a great tool to tap into the instances of spirituality and vice versa.

Paperbook at 14€

Sì, no, Miami

(Yes, no, Miami - My story from high heels to brain stroke and return)

by Lisa Festa


Yes, no, Miami is the story of a tragic fall and a triumphant recovery told with exceptional irony and spontaneity. A proof of cheeky optimism, of the joy of living irrepressible, an injection of courage and positivity for all those who are facing a difficult situation. But also, which does not hurt, a fresh, original, fun book.

[From the preface by Daria Bignardi.]

Paperbook at 15,90€


Le tre volpi

(The three foxes)

by Serena Martella


“… among all the creatures of the Fiabolosa forest, there is someone who doesn't like living in harmony, and then one day it happened that...”

Reading age: from 4 years.

Hardcover at 20€

Palmira De Paperotta - Ed. illustrata

(Palmira De Paperotta - Illustrated Edition)

by Serena Martella


“Among the plants of the quiet Fiabolosa forest, some characters that will bring a great mess are hiding. Nobody can distinguish them from the trees because….”

Reading age: from 4 years.

Hardcover at 20€

Matilda e il gigante con la valigia

(Matilda and the giant with a suitcase)

by Serena Martella


"… the moment was right. An ancient mysterious forest hides to the world the creatures that live there and it is about to open the way for a new special inhabitant who... "

Hardcover at 20€